Erockwood Post #5

An important part of software testing is the testing of the software itself. But what if you were able to automate the testing? One of every programmers core ideals is to try to automate as much as possible, because programmers are “lazy”. One framework that allows you to do this is Gradle. Gradle is a build automation tool rooted on JVM, so it is perfect to use with Java. We can use GitLab’s Continuous Integration tool to allow our code to run and test every time it is pushed to GitLab. This is very useful so that any changes made are automatically test each and every time an update is pushed to Main. Once you have your Java project set up, you need to initialize Gradle into the directory of the Java project. After you have done that, you can copy your Java files to the Main src folder in the new Gradle section in the directory. All of your test files will go to the Test src folder. You can then run gradle build to build the project, then gradle test to run all of your tests in the test files using the files in the Main folder.

After this and gradle test outputs successfully, you can set up GitLab’s Integration by using the .gitlab-ci.yml file in your project. After you have added that, all you need to do is use Git to commit and push your project to GitLab and then check the CI/CD tab to watch your tests run.

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